So as the title says yes it was my birthday 2 days ago,and thanks to my procrastination i have successfully started with the blog which was supposed to be done on the birthday itself,anyways finally i have started with it that’s good …

But why do i need a blog for my birthday?

well i want to grow old and look at this blog after 10 years and want to know about  how i would feel then about this day …whether  the same me pops up  or if there’s a change in the mindset regarding birthdays

also i don’t like celebrating or being a whole fuss about it but there were things that happened on my B-day that i really felt good about and added some new experiences which definitely i would cherish for a long time.

first and the foremost thing which lifted my mood to whole fk new level was when i received a phone call at 9 in the morning …

it was an unknown number…that wasn’t the strange part cause i hardly save any number on my second phone…i picked up the phone …(((((well my second phone is samsung’s wave 525 and its been over 5 years since i had that and over the years the phone had slowed down , and that slowing process has actually mad e my phone to cause a delay of 5 seconds after i pick any call…so all-in-all)))). At 9 am i had a call from an unknown number i was anxious who it was plus my mind coming up with all the random girls  and the delay of 5 seconds because of my phone’s super-fast RAM made me even more excited. Finally I heard a girl’s voice on the other side *Holy Sheeeeeet*who is this girl…such a sweet voice…she remembered my Bday …who are u angel ???

*Aditya bol raha hai* she said softly

*Yes, i am aditya who are you * i said (cant explain the feeling)

*arre gurpreet mam bol rahi ho*

MY mind only registered the words MAM and  the hopes shattered .

Koe nnaa , hota hai…. she asked me check my IELTS results cause it would be declared today on day when i was turning 20…wah bagwan result bhi aaj heh aana tha…

Lets get back to reality …even though my parents are pretty liberal when it comes to result but the money i would for the party  were all dependent on much bands ill get in IELETS.(Typical)That’s true and i had to deal with it .

next thing i know

*Picked my phone


*Hit Go

* Results Section

*Aditya verma

*8 FUCKING overall bands

(add some extreme explicit language here times 100 ,yup thats how i fet and told my mom and chahi ji, chahu ji,dad and lastly posted in every whatsapp group)

Hell yeah, at 9:00 my hopes were shattered ,at 9:15 i wanted nothing in this world than to rest on the bed for the whole day and try to gulp in the achievement of 8 bands …How priority changes

So yes ur boy got all high 8 bands …First in my institute to get this ….teachers were shocked/happy…i went to the institute at around 1 pm there teacher asked me to deliver some key points to fellow students …*Felt good standing there,gave them some viewpoints and told them to watch as many english movies as they can …on this  my teacher gave me weird looks..but i was honest

Anyways i was amazed at how fast the day was ending but at no point i thought of freezing a moment …cause one shouldn’t stick to moment no matter how sad or happy it is …just move on … explore new places …meet new people ….But with my result, i felt satisfied and the feeling of achievement(i worked my ass off to be precise)

So back to the day,

i received many warm wishes from friends and family …but this one person texted me . i was having no contact with him for the past couple of months  but he was dear of mine for the past many years and his text showed up ..considering i did’t wished him on his day  so i wan’t expecting anything but to my surprise not everyone takes grudge so seriously and reading his text i felt huge respect for him…. he did present me with a lesson that day.

Moving on,

I called up my group to a local restaurant for treat, but they were in no mood to let go of anything cause of the result.

I had this feeling that i’m gonna be ripped out my pockets when a dear friend of mine ordered *Palak Kofta* ,with all due respect who TF orders *Palak Kofta* that was simply rip-off.

Anyways the outstanding service of the waiters made my dinner lasted for over 2 hours.

We all were standing outside, some started coming out with more plans for today out which we decided to try ice-cream of cremica at sarabha nagar …which would solve two purposes, firstly the ice cream and second the most important 10 PM friday night roaming in sarabha nagar .

So it was getting late at about 10:20 some decided to leave ….but ….but …but

Night’s still young .

Headed for my first ever *cigarette*,

It was late 11 in night traffic…no lights…nothing to disturb the moment when i had the first puff …

I didn’t felt a thing. But i had to try it to settle my own self who was urging for the experience.

Finally i was home …told mom about everything but that.

And thats about it .


Thanks for your time. I hope ur internet data was well spent.

Adios good health and wife to you.

*just a last minute advise no matter how happy u are cause of your results never post or tell it to your friends that too on your birthday …It would save a couple thousand bucks for sure.

Memories From The Day

Snapchat – itzaditya 

*Whole Group (Leading The Front)
*Basant – Ludhiana
*Perfect Ending

2 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. Waaah waaahh bhaii!!! Many many congratulations for ur 8 bands!! 👌👌Share some key points with me too,hope it will help me also lol 😂😂 good health to u too 😇😇 #jiyo✌


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