this blog covers the books i have read,reading,about to read.


This blog would cover the books which i have read in past. Books have always helped me/assisted me in many things. So they do occupy a certain place both inside me and my shelf.

So how come i got interested in reading?

this is a question which can’t be answered simply by saying “i find reading interesting and more fun than doing other things” Trust me if someone answers this to the above question then, surely he doesn’t have that zeal for reading.

Back to my answer i was never interested in reading anything …seriously nothing…i used to yawn big  whenever i use to think about anything but reading and that has reflected in my teenage years.

Why am i saying teenage years?

Because not every child has the universal knowledge about how to be,what certain things to say ,what not to say,how to behave among girls,not to take things so seriously …

So yes i did struggle with hell many things while i was growing up like i remember my heart pumping  so fast whenever a teacher used to call my name in the class…i remember taking simple kind gestures of girls towards me as in they are attracted to me which ultimately costed my friendship with them….i remember being too shy among girls, and even though some were genuinely interested in me but i used to run away from that situations which obviously costed me some great opportunities.

Anyways, life goes on …many new places to go …many new people to meet…so much food to try …no fucks to give …and most importantly never letting that *curious* self die  within you ..whether it asks you to do some silly things …whether it asks you to go and talk to the girl …whether it asks you to try new things like beer (even though nobody in your family drinks)….and the list goes on …just don’t let the pressure of *what will they say* get better of you

God Damm …i came here to write about the books i’ve read (i noe sh!t happens)

Lets get to it ….

So these are the list of book i’ve read in my whole life…and funny thing is majority books are only 6 months old and here comes the BLOG…

The list shows the book i have read, not ones i am currently reading…and i would try my best to go down the memory lane and write about how i felt about them….

(And listing to *Rivers* by  thomas jack is never good …its keeps on looping whenever u want to concentrate on something)


I remember browsing through an online store …and this book pops up that too for pre-booking. I still have no idea as to why i ordered it but yes …this is the first book i read . Half-Girlfriend by chetan bhagat. Considering it was my first novel so i had null expectations from it. Also one more things that influenced me to read this was the sheer fact that i watched *Two states* just a few days prior to ordering this.

Anyways, i loved the book when i read it. It had its share of twists,youth,sex and most importantly happy ending at the end . And i could flaunt among others that yes i have read this book …cause the kind of hype this book created just after its release was incredible and the one who read it had the license to fault their reading skills. But I felt the story wasn’t that magical, so before reading this do look for other options.

*overall i don’t recommend this to you*

Raakshash –  Prakash Jha

 I remember ordering this one, just because it was reviewed in a local newspaper and after reading couple of romantic novels, I needed this to be my next read. Its based on a serial killer, why he became such a person, what things he went through in childhood, and finally how he got arrested. A great read BTW, takes you through hell of emotions. But after reading other books of the same genre I would say  this book was moderate in comparison to the rest.

*I Too Had A Love Story

Well, my only reason as to why didn’t recommended you Chetan Bhagat’s half girlfriend was simply because of this book. A great story written by Ravinder Singh. This was the first work of his which I read, and I’m glad. Amazing story by him. How did he met the love of his and why the title says he *Had a love story *. I liked the way his book started off with sights of his college reunion, then how he met the girl, what happened next and other things that led to such beautiful work. I read this last year so I am not able to recollect the fine details but of course the book takes you through spree of emotions and the end leave  you with a mysterious/sad/satisfying feeling.

 *Revolution 2020

Well, firstly I didn’t bought the book. But a  good friend if mine gave this to me, when I told her I am interested in reading novels by Bhagat. She suggested me this and later texted me she’ll bring this for me tomorrow. The sheer fact was that I wanted to read more of Bhagat’s work.  This was was Bhagat’s third work which I was reading, and I did like the book cause of two reasons. Firstly I wanted to make a good first impression on her. Secondly and most importantly it wasn’t all sex,  which contrary to notion that all Bhagat’s work is explicit . An inspiring story of how a middle class child got hold of millions. An amazing story of three friends and the what happens when life overtake. A tale of two friends where one finds nothing wrong in wrong and the other fights for it.

*Stranger –  Trilogy

Romance, mystery amazing read but to to grasp the  whole story I had to cover three books. Initially I thought of reading the part one only but somehow I got attached to the parts and finished the trilogy. Great read I tweeted about my progress on the book and the author Mr. Novoneel Chakraborty he showed response on my tweet. Anyways three book takes a hell of reading and mind fucking twists till end but all in great to say least. Easily the best thriller to read people.

Do read this so we can workout some tricks given in the book.


That’s right I read this *Book of literate* as well and not once, not twice but whole fk three times. But every time I read it I felt  either the book has changed or have I grown up. Either way nice, pleasant read. A complete family novel. No sex, no lifting nothing to please  your imagination. Keeping personal desires aside i would say I don’t like the non-fictional work by Mr Panlo cause for one sole reason of following our passion I don’t like reading the whole book.

What else I can write about it, well the sheer nonsense I got to know in the end of the book.

Now here’s the list of the books which I didn’t mentioned earlier..

*Love me I am broke

*Perks of being a Wallflower (Amazing book)

*The power of your subconscious mind(Thumbs up)

*Fault in our stars(Naa)

*Who will cry when you will die (Must)

*Sorry, You Are  Not My Type (Average)
And here are the ones which are in progress

Captive in dark

After reading all these lovely novels. I always wanted to read some dark romantic novels.. And when I searched my wish on Google this book pops up on the top. So In no time I decided to order it but unfortunately it costed over 500 bucks for the paperback edition but fortunately it was free for the kindle app edition. Damm right your boy downloaded the kindle edition and I have read over 40% of the book.. And trust me these dark romantic novels are no joke especially this one. With some brutal scenes  written with such mindfuck emotions makes you feel brutally bad for the girl.. The way his master treats her. The pendulum of emotions that one goes through is something not everyone likes. But still a refreshing story makes you broad minded about life and fills you with some important life lessons.
*And then there were none

Every Saturday there comes a list of top 10 reads both fictional and non- fictional.

And this book featured in that list for straight 4 weeks, giving me enough reasons to read it.

I have read  about a quarter of this and I can’t say decide whether I like it or not there are parts where I feel like I have wasted money cause there are 10 names which comes simultaneously and each 10 of these charters have a different story attached to them so all in all while reading the story you have keep track of the names and the respective  story which is backing that character and to me that’s soo much to ask. But there’s always good in something and I have to find what’s that in this.
Thats it folks, people, humans…

Thanks for your time.

I still remember I started writing this particular post about two weeks ago. And finally done with it. It’s funny how *tomorrow never comes* is actually true.
Do mention the books which you  have read in the comments below.

Happy Saturday. *Coffee

4 thoughts on “Books 

  1. Bhaii,still no interest in reading,how can I overcome this problem? bt yeah i know it’s a necessary part to write like u👌👌


  2. Really good list. Some of them are my favourite reads.
    Well unlike you I have always loved to read. Glad regardless of the boredom yet you read 😊


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