Daily Doc 01 : Felt Real Good 

Time        –  1:44 am

Doc Date – 21st Sept

Soo yes yesterday was a good day.. Still can’t believe what is did. I saw a girl near Photostate shop.. I couldn’t recognise her but later I did, we both used to come at the same tuition. She was struggling to get her activa out and she was with her mother.

Now why am I saying I couldn’t believe what I did… Because usually I in these kinda situation I would run away before there’s any awkwardness between us and I was supposed to help her to get her activa out considering she won’t be able to do so…

Well what I did was walked upto her.. Her mother gave me a surprised look … I asked her, U need help… She asked to move the bike which was blocking the way… I moved the bike… She raced her activa.. And thanked me.. Her mother too looked at me and thanked me….

Now this may be a mundane task for anyone but I Noe for me it was a big deal…. Plus Now I have done this there’s no looking back.. There’s only forward looking… And I felt real good after that.. Plus I had a little crush on her a while ago.. So this small encounter was cherry on the cake…
Now the things boils down to this… I won’t  look or say anything to make me look desperate… It’s all about keeping the mind calm… And realising there’s only life either fill it daily with new experiences and new people or the same old shit..
Peace yoo
*The Time She Looked

#She #Her #Crush #Feel #Beat #Fly


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