Daily Doc 02 : Damm Day 

Time – 12:17 am

A day perfectly designed to test my patience, endurance, anger and God knows what else.

Woke up at around 6. Made a mental note to go for running and come back home at 6:30. Woke up actually at 6:20 and after  much internal fight I was out for running. On my way I met my running nightmare.. Stray dogs Not just a handful of them but the full gang and one of them was making sounds as if calling for more of his homies.

I can’t figure out why these dogs only come in my way.. There’s whole city out there for them to explore but naa they ain’t interested in that.

Got home after 20mins. Even though today’s progress in running was low but still  better than sleeping. #JawlineGoals on the way.
Moving through the day.. My dad gave me this humongous, mountainous, godzillan, trump’s wall… Task of submitting documents in the bank and getting his and mother’s driving license from a local government office.
Task 1 – Submitting Documents

Well I completed this one without much complications

Task 2 –  Getting The Driving license

Trust me… When In India.. In punjab (Bjp Sarkar)… In ludhiana (Pollution, heat)  and u want to get something from a government office… *Tumara Din Wahin Karab

First I parked my activa in the parking outside… Even though a few days back I read about the kind of exploitation the parking lot owners are doing by tearing off the ticket wherein info about the time and rates is written.. I thought of revolting back and be a rebel but I got out of my imagination and walked towards the office.

Luckily I had a *Jugard already in the office yet it took me over 2 hrs. to get license in my hands. *God knows what happens to the ones who believe in walking into government’s office with no Jugard.

Anyways I met with Mr Rajan.. Even though I make a presumption about every government employee that he/she is so full of shit and corruption.. But seeing Mr Rajan I wasn’t quite sure whether I should put him into that category cause he seemed concentrated in his own task rather than sitting idle and sipping tea.

I told him about my situation.. He took his own time but finally made some arrangements and send me over to another building where I was to meet another person then again another pupil and finally got the required license..

Even though words couldn’t  describe the kinda heat inside me when a mere 20 min thing took over 2 hrs. *Fak

(And I took off from my college to see movie but obviously ended up doing these things) *What a day

Choleh  –  Kulche for lunch.

*Big Day Always.

*Day Ruined By Father’s Driving License

*Rihanna 👣👣

3 thoughts on “Daily Doc 02 : Damm Day 

  1. Having chole after a long day will always make my day cherry 😍
    And if someone gives be bhature with it ill be toatlly sold for food ❤


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