Why I Wish Fat Didn’t Exist !!

Well this series is  my outspoken inner self talking about the things i wish. Enjoy !

Its 12:23 am in my laptop.

How are you !!

I am fat ,

And there’s reasons why I didn’t wanted you to ever exist. Why man why!!

Even though there’s hell many things that I don’t wish to exist (but ill talk about them later) but fat you are on the top of that list .

U asking why I have such grudges against you well, simplest one coming right your way .

Cause you make my face look oval ….not that there’s anything wrong with that ,but why only the face man !! why not the whole body . I am fed up with my weight at 70 kgs but my face suggesting 100 kgs. Why god dam it !!

Anyways you are not the only one to blame there’s an equal share of grudge I have against facial hair as well. Why the heck you give me a hard time growing back. Why isn’t there a switch button so that I can control when and how much I want  to grow.

Therefore whenever I have a haircut and the barber cuts straight down from my lower half of the face. After the results come in I am nothing more than being feeling disgusted, disappointed to be precise.

Anyhow if I leave my-face-being-oval for a moment and think of all the good stuff that fat does to me .

Heart-attacks,High blood pressure, Diabetes ,and hell many other things …why cant I just have my sub or the mac-aloo –fries-cold drink or my 4 pc chicken –chicken fries-pepsi or my smokey burger-fries-garlic bread or the butter chicken-butter nan-thumbs up –afgani chicken without thinking about weight or the next morning workout which I have to do to burn you ..why fat why !! I ask you

What if you never-ever existed …just thinking about that brings in ecstasy .i can have all the above things until I go bankrupt at least ill be the first one who ill be happy to go bankrupt with a basket full of fries,chicken,shakes,mac-aloo,butter chicken ,rarra chicken in my belly first .

Anyways I am not scared of you even a bit …u’ll be shocked to know how much of the above things are waiting to be in my belly and the future plans I’m having to have much-more of other things to fill in my craving , ill continue to run …Ill continue to sweat ….and yes ill continue to burn you .

With that my first part of *Wish series ends and I’m much pleased that I talked about my first love *food* in it ..nothing could replace you my dear butter..oil..ghee . when I am done with you ill again run to make room for my next meal. #PurposeOfLife

Weekend’s approaching ..What to eat suggest something good 🙂


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