Monday- Ppr Miss

Hey hey there …well today I thought of sharing a thrownback.

Probably it was the best Monday I could ever have ..cause of some stupid..futuristic..insane..logical reasons

I can’t wait to share the story of Monday

So the day kicks off by me trying memorize some questions for my exam in an hour .

Since the days prior to exam ..i hadn’t had much output …so this was the only f hour I got to score passing marks.

Time passed by …I read questions..they weren’t getting into my head.

I decided the hell with this ..lets see what happens in the ppr. With full throttle on my bike I managed to cover 20 mins. Distance in some easy 10-12 mins.

But with the parking lot already full and I couldn’t afford to miss another minute …I parked the bike right in front of the entrance …with no security guard in sight I ran off…while running I was presented with another beautiful shock…The principal ..And some other important personalities were coming my way.

Somehow I managed to by pass them too…Meteor Avoided

Going towards the examination hall…while all of this was happening I knew in the back of my mind that yes ..i’m late …but not that late.

Making progress at my own pace towards examination hall…I saw 10-20 students standing behind the door that separates late comers from the non-late comers … the door between corridor and the examination hall.

At that instance I realized bitch I’m not late ..i’m very late.

Saw some familiar faces and asked the obvious question ..*Bhai late hogaeh kya…and came the obvious answer *Aaho.

At this point ..i wasn’t that much in grief cause …I knew my teachers they weren’t hitler…so obviously they won’t let so many students skip there exam and, thus we waited ..waited …waited..fanta..sandwich later a sir came and told us *Nahin..nahin…nahi (as if giving us triple-talak)..

U all have arrived late no exam today ..come on time tomorrow and give the exam ….

And then the obvious retaliation by us *Arre sir why …we were here on time *Sir ur watch is ahead of time *Sir ,last warning *Please sir jii..

*Nahi…nahi..nahi (Came in the response )

But by now it was already 10:50 am ..and grief slowly started kicking in …*Shit was getting real

10 mins. Later  except the students no one was security guard..except the 1000 year old camera .

Then the students took the initiative and said….lets all enter the hall and tell the teacher that sir have allowed of us and lets get going with paper.

My first instinct was *hell noo bro… I can barely speak and now going to the room and telling this ….no

But those students were adamant to their statement 2-3 students went ahead.

5 mins passed…10…15

They didn’t came back …so probably they got away with it .

So obviously that ignited the missing fire among the rest of us and we thought of other idea to get into the room…Half of us went through the same route of examination hall..but me along with others we went by some different route …since our route was way closer to the room where I was supposed to give exam.

But being closure came with some terms and conditions…for us we had to climb the grills about 8 feet high …it was similar to like Pakistanis’ want to enter india by climbing the LOC ..

We decided to go in a pair,

I was in the first lot of pair..hehe..#Daring

I was successful in climbing and in getting down as well….





At that very moment I regretted my Daring self

My examination room was in eye sight and a mofo sir caught me and the other person accompanying me.

The whole scene at that moment was like this…sir was standing in the middle..i was on his left and other party which took the different route was on his right side…par sir neh toh humeh heh pakadna thaa..kyonki god gives his toughest battles to his strongest warriors (Ee lol)

I was blank at that moment….

We didn’t took the safe walking route..instead climbed the grills ..jumped on the ground …made a bang noise ..and boom caught red handed ….hadd hogi bc !!

Anyhow sir was smart and we were trying to be over smart probably that worked against us.

But anyways …I wasn’t the only one who was caught ..that was the only thing that made me happy..

He asked us to give our id cards..*I wasn’t carrying id card

Then I knew sir wasn’t the strict type he went to discuss about us to some other teacher..which gave me ample time to run away…

I came down with a view of students starving to give paper…and here we were coming out as if coming to the pavilion after getting run out.

At this moment I realized …yes hum late hogeyeh thee and teachers weren’t fooling when they said we won’t be giving exam today…

Finally it was half time and the students who took the oath of *we will be out at half time …they were coming out…..hass rahe the hum peh bc !! #KoeNaa


Cahlo yeh toh hue exam keh baat …lets come to the real blog..the whole blog starts now..Soo



Kidding ..kidding

That’s it ..Monday the day which was supposed to be  boring and would have been if I had given that ppr ..but somehow ppr hogaya miss…

And the in the remaining half time …Gedi-bhature-gedi..and exactly at full time returned to home…

*Bhoth badiya ppr hua




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