Late night talks – *Quotes 

​*Comparison is the thief of happiness. 

Indeed a great quote and probably the solution to majority of problems we are facing today. 

I too indulge into comparisons whenever my mind wanders off. 

But I firmly believe it is my, my, my and no one else’s responsibility to tame my brain and not letting it out in the fields of imagination. 

A beautiful story I read in the past. 

It said.. 

There was a rat(our brain) which always wanted to wander off and run wild outdoors but, it never did. But, one day the rat (our brain) wandered out of the hole and the moment it set is foot out, the rat was captured by the cat(All the things that make us unhappy) . 

Thereby the time until our brain was able to live in the present then, it was safe and secure and mentally well however the moment it set it’s foot out in the future of thinking about the past things or the future .. Then At that very moment things started falling apart… 

Thereby try, try, try, retry and be assertive towards ur brain and fight with it in order to keep it in the present.. Rather than running it loose in the fields and end up being eaten up by the cat. 
*another great piece I read earlier.. Which again stressed upon the importance of living in the present. 

The things it stated that we should all do to bring our attention in the present is by focusing on our breath whenever we wander off. 

Further whenever u are feeling anxiety.. This can be because u are currently not in the present and u are either thinking of the past or the future.. And in both the cases u feel the anxiety about certain events… 

So Rather than thinking over them.. Take time and try to get into the present. Get curious about your surroundings. 

‌What color are the walls painted with. 

‌ Which piece of clothing u wearing. 

There can be tons of other things for u to get into the present. 

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