Who am I?

A brief me,

So who am I ?
Well here I am shitting at my home at 10:22 in the pm in ludhiana,Punjab,India.
I am 21 years old and I madly love my mom.
Moving on,there are plenty of things I love some of which I can share rest I’ll share in the future posts.
Well I love Music(Singing and want to learn guitar) , Books (Self help, Fiction), Travel (Which I’ll talk about in the later blogs)
Alright what’s my aim in life?
Well this has bugged me since ever and I
haven’t found anything as of now.
What topics i would share with the world?
Mainly focused on basic psychology,food,travel,life.
What’s next ?
A schedule for these blogs would be every Tuesday and Friday.
That’s it folks I feel like I am talking to you do feel it.
Too much to say but the time’s not right.