So as the title says yes it was my birthday 2 days ago,and thanks to my procrastination i have successfully started with the blog which was supposed to be done on the birthday itself,anyways finally i have started with it that’s good …

But why do i need a blog for my birthday?

well i want to grow old and look at this blog after 10 years and want to know about  how i would feel then about this day …whether  the same me pops up  or if there’s a change in the mindset regarding birthdays

also i don’t like celebrating or being a whole fuss about it but there were things that happened on my B-day that i really felt good about and added some new experiences which definitely i would cherish for a long time.

first and the foremost thing which lifted my mood to whole fk new level was when i received a phone call at 9 in the morning …

it was an unknown number…that wasn’t the strange part cause i hardly save any number on my second phone…i picked up the phone …(((((well my second phone is samsung’s wave 525 and its been over 5 years since i had that and over the years the phone had slowed down , and that slowing process has actually mad e my phone to cause a delay of 5 seconds after i pick any call…so all-in-all)))). At 9 am i had a call from an unknown number i was anxious who it was plus my mind coming up with all the random girls  and the delay of 5 seconds because of my phone’s super-fast RAM made me even more excited. Finally I heard a girl’s voice on the other side *Holy Sheeeeeet*who is this girl…such a sweet voice…she remembered my Bday …who are u angel ???

*Aditya bol raha hai* she said softly

*Yes, i am aditya who are you * i said (cant explain the feeling)

*arre gurpreet mam bol rahi ho*

MY mind only registered the words MAM and  the hopes shattered .

Koe nnaa , hota hai…. she asked me check my IELTS results cause it would be declared today on day when i was turning 20…wah bagwan result bhi aaj heh aana tha…

Lets get back to reality …even though my parents are pretty liberal when it comes to result but the money i would for the party  were all dependent on much bands ill get in IELETS.(Typical)That’s true and i had to deal with it .

next thing i know

*Picked my phone


*Hit Go

* Results Section

*Aditya verma

*8 FUCKING overall bands

(add some extreme explicit language here times 100 ,yup thats how i fet and told my mom and chahi ji, chahu ji,dad and lastly posted in every whatsapp group)

Hell yeah, at 9:00 my hopes were shattered ,at 9:15 i wanted nothing in this world than to rest on the bed for the whole day and try to gulp in the achievement of 8 bands …How priority changes

So yes ur boy got all high 8 bands …First in my institute to get this ….teachers were shocked/happy…i went to the institute at around 1 pm there teacher asked me to deliver some key points to fellow students …*Felt good standing there,gave them some viewpoints and told them to watch as many english movies as they can …on this  my teacher gave me weird looks..but i was honest

Anyways i was amazed at how fast the day was ending but at no point i thought of freezing a moment …cause one shouldn’t stick to moment no matter how sad or happy it is …just move on … explore new places …meet new people ….But with my result, i felt satisfied and the feeling of achievement(i worked my ass off to be precise)

So back to the day,

i received many warm wishes from friends and family …but this one person texted me . i was having no contact with him for the past couple of months  but he was dear of mine for the past many years and his text showed up ..considering i did’t wished him on his day  so i wan’t expecting anything but to my surprise not everyone takes grudge so seriously and reading his text i felt huge respect for him…. he did present me with a lesson that day.

Moving on,

I called up my group to a local restaurant for treat, but they were in no mood to let go of anything cause of the result.

I had this feeling that i’m gonna be ripped out my pockets when a dear friend of mine ordered *Palak Kofta* ,with all due respect who TF orders *Palak Kofta* that was simply rip-off.

Anyways the outstanding service of the waiters made my dinner lasted for over 2 hours.

We all were standing outside, some started coming out with more plans for today out which we decided to try ice-cream of cremica at sarabha nagar …which would solve two purposes, firstly the ice cream and second the most important 10 PM friday night roaming in sarabha nagar .

So it was getting late at about 10:20 some decided to leave ….but ….but …but

Night’s still young .

Headed for my first ever *cigarette*,

It was late 11 in night traffic…no lights…nothing to disturb the moment when i had the first puff …

I didn’t felt a thing. But i had to try it to settle my own self who was urging for the experience.

Finally i was home …told mom about everything but that.

And thats about it .


Thanks for your time. I hope ur internet data was well spent.

Adios good health and wife to you.

*just a last minute advise no matter how happy u are cause of your results never post or tell it to your friends that too on your birthday …It would save a couple thousand bucks for sure.

Memories From The Day

Snapchat – itzaditya 

*Whole Group (Leading The Front)
*Basant – Ludhiana
*Perfect Ending


Here  u are again ….u nerve-wreaking, peace shattering, pathetic,shit loads of work …Monday

I wanted to praise u more ,but my vocabulary in explicit content needs improvement.

But  actually i’m not mad at you at all…maybe cause today “Monday” wasn’t boring as it usually were.

Well just want to mention one more thing here, i was having some ideas about today’s blog …but somehow when i started typing …things took another direction and the whole topic which i was initially gonna discuss just wiped off my brain… ever happened to you before …Comments section below …lets discuss


Anyways i can’t say today *Monday* was pathetic at all…actually it went pretty well

But somehow i want to credit myself for that…2 days prior to today (Weekend) went horrible …i did nothing except than to watch movies and eat crappy food and did nothing interesting …so i talked to myself about dafaq is going on with me …cause you are the only one who knows what is actually going on and what needs to change .

So this past weekend …i promised myself that no matter what day it is…i won’t sleep regretting about the prior day ..So yes …my day went amazingly well..energetic…new experiences added …and most importantly nothing to regret.

About today ….

Woke up,

Went out for running ..great run (just need to update my playlist that’s all)

so running actually helped a lot to kick start the day…i came back home …i wasn’t sweating that much …but had to shower …all things done…i was sitting at the dinning table with oddly dressed hair perfectly falling back …newspaper in front of me …coffee in the other hand …i actually felt like a big shot executive …who was about to start his day.(but Nahhhh)


Reached college …again disappointing cause all the chutiyas were having girlfriends and me with my other friends who were perfectly eligible for them …were just starring them and drinking coca-cola.

went to attend a lecture …seemed appropriate cause i could deviate myself from having to encounter myself seeing another couple.

But its all how u look at the situation,

And trust this has no other side to look than to feel disgusted,(welcome to my single world)

But things will change, if not now …then definitely in next life.

Came back home,

i was having another class at 4 pm, but while i was having food i thought of missing the class today ..and actually that thought made me feel good….so if thinking about something could make you feel good …just imagine how much that something could bring happiness if i actually missed the class (Find happiness in small things)

So i missed that class a nap instead….

Thats it guys,

See you tomorrow ..or maybe later when i have something more to share ..with y”ll



night everyone


Have some good music to share…Comment it down below why it to yourself..

Appreciate your time and internet






Whats up people …hope u are alive

Streak going strong …2nd day in a row (cheers!!)

anyways i read a quote a few days back when Amir khan (Pak Boxer) warned Vijendra singh *Be Careful What You Wish For* after reading that quote i felt irritated cause i am firm believer of dreams and wishes, moreover by giving our dreams a second thought simply creates doubt for our ownself.

Enough of inner thoughts lets get back to today’s blog

Today was a day which was tailor made by the almighty to put me through excruciating chaos and trouble .

Woke up on a high note ,went for a drive at 7:45 in the morning…actually my sole motive to wake up this early was to go on run …but things happened …songs were playing …bike was throttling…so i ended up riding for good 40-45 mins.

Came back home wrote a letter to principal for section change. Went to college …i was informed that the councillor and the principal were sitting in the same room …but since i had contacts with councillor, so i thought of waiting outside for sometime so as to have a one-on-one conversation with him…

i waited patiently







.Dafaq going on

I went inside …no matter what happens i would put forward my case ..and leave the rest onto them

went in (Pumping)

“sir i want to change my section from B to A” i said in my softest voice

“Nahi Hoga”

“maaaderrr” i said softly inside

well the whole scene went for about good 10-15 mins.which usually involved me giving reasons as to why i want to be in that section and his reply was same as “Fuck off”

Gulping all the pride inside me …i went back to my college mates …(considering a fact that my whole group was outside  and they bunking the whole time then why the f in this world i need to change the section…haha )

Moving on ,

i came back home…with all the bul-shit i went through ,i didn’t wanted that to reflect on another thing or on  anyone else …

Had some food (obviously the only cure )

had some sleep (second best)

Then finally went out to get some fresh air and new shoes (shopping cures every fng thing)

There’s a thing about shopping …u find a nice shoe -itz out of budget…u find something in budget …then size is not there …bas essi chakar meh finally i ended up with Gol Gappeh

reached home …was in no mood to write this blog cause of no reason …just wasn’t in that zone …neither was i in mood to do workouts.

But u contemplate with oneself and finally u end up doing what’s good for u…so i did the workout ..put all energy into them ….and felt better .

I guess one rightly says *No matter how disgusted one is feeling,Workout is the answer*

Plus it helped me to get over with the shady mood i was in the whole time…


Thats it folks …thanks for your time ..enjoy life by keeping a balance among health wealth and relationships



So just finished my workout…doing home workouts cause, no time nor the money to join the gym..actually the latter .

talking about workouts …did good progress(actually, sweating right now while writing)

I am aditya verma,19 years old about to turn 20 in 10 days (wish me then), doing my third year of bcom. ,working of myself all the time ..say doing home workouts or practicing on my spoken english or being more confident in whatever field i am(but usually screws up !)

anyways why i am here ??

No idea, to be really honest …but yes there are things going on in mind right now,and maybe i am not able to stream them properly …so here i am to share myself with everyone with a view to connect with you …and also to get those thoughts out of system and share with you .

So done with the initial ice…

lets talk about today…

i’ve been observing something from the past lately that God does exit and whatever u wish for does come true…

well i was hustling  the whole month of june …in waking up, going for gym(2 hrs.) ..then for computer classes (2 hrs.) ..lastly for IELTS (5 hrs.) …god damm ..Fistly the june (month where we are supposed to lay all over the bed… i was attending these classes )

anyhow i managed that …then there were just 3 days left for my college to re-open and my dad calls up …and asks me to do some “Work”

let me define what “work” he was talking about…

i had to go to Vodafone store to pay a bill…then port that number to Airtel..(seems not so tiring but….wait for it)

i went to the store ..paid the bill ask the executive to activate the number ….”sir it will be activated within 2 hrs.” their obvious response(fuckheads !) believing their typical answer i went home…after 5 hrs… i tried calling my dad …and my cellphone answers back to me ” Yeh suvidha aapkeh mobile peh laggu nahi hai” BC! …i felt disgusted as hell

Day 01″Work” ended

Next day …back from my computer classes ( Yes they are still running)

at 1 pm (prime time to sweat …and smell terrible)

i again went to the Vodafone store …asking them the f reason for not activating the number

after waiting patiently…

“yes sir how may i help you” she said..

“****###**^^*” i said inside my head

“The number hasn’t been activated ..its been over 24 hrs.” i said

“Whats your number”

“hmm yes sir …we didn’t filed the complaint correctly …it will activated within next 10 mins”

see there are many things i do shamelessly …but replying back to a women

i gulped my pride in …bid her goodbye “Ok sir” she said in reply


Day 02 of “Work”over

i noe its getting frustrating but trust me what you reading i did that physically not virtually.

Moving on with life ..same routine …came back from computer class (there was one girl there jikeh liyeh hum wahan jateh thee …aaj pata chala uska Tally course pura hogaya *Cries)

Went to vodafone store again..

the executive who promised  to rectify everything was genuinely shocked to see me again.

After waiting impatiently….

i came to know the real f reason behind all this…and it had nothing to do with me nor the vodafone people.

it was my dad’s fault ..and i was used as a shield to cover  that shit for him…but eventually it came out..

there was another number whose bill was still pending to be paid,but my dad refused to pay it cause he said he didn’t used that number for even a penny …but  the vodafone people charged 350 bucks for it…out of frustration my dad didn’t paid that which eventually forced the vodafone people to deactivate my number as well…(Case Solved)

Phew !! finally

i paid the former’s bill ..and the latter got reactivated.

(as i am writing this my mom is forcing me to eat food ..can’t neglect the orders..)

so to wrap up all this ….my 3 days prior to college went like this …but …but …but








.KYU BHAGWAN KYU!!! *Drought

Lets see how *First day in 3rd year goes*


If you have made it this far ..i appreciate you and your time…

Feel free to mark your attendance in the comments below…and lets get to know each others life’s better ….cause social media has literally made face-to-face conversations very awkward …and i want you to start blogging as well cause when we meet ..we can have a lot to talk about


thats it folks…peace …health to you and all


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