Why I Wish Fat Didn’t Exist !!

Well this series is  my outspoken inner self talking about the things i wish. Enjoy !

Its 12:23 am in my laptop.

How are you !!

I am fat ,

And there’s reasons why I didn’t wanted you to ever exist. Why man why!!

Even though there’s hell many things that I don’t wish to exist (but ill talk about them later) but fat you are on the top of that list .

U asking why I have such grudges against you well, simplest one coming right your way .

Cause you make my face look oval ….not that there’s anything wrong with that ,but why only the face man !! why not the whole body . I am fed up with my weight at 70 kgs but my face suggesting 100 kgs. Why god dam it !!

Anyways you are not the only one to blame there’s an equal share of grudge I have against facial hair as well. Why the heck you give me a hard time growing back. Why isn’t there a switch button so that I can control when and how much I want  to grow.

Therefore whenever I have a haircut and the barber cuts straight down from my lower half of the face. After the results come in I am nothing more than being feeling disgusted, disappointed to be precise.

Anyhow if I leave my-face-being-oval for a moment and think of all the good stuff that fat does to me .

Heart-attacks,High blood pressure, Diabetes ,and hell many other things …why cant I just have my sub or the mac-aloo –fries-cold drink or my 4 pc chicken –chicken fries-pepsi or my smokey burger-fries-garlic bread or the butter chicken-butter nan-thumbs up –afgani chicken without thinking about weight or the next morning workout which I have to do to burn you ..why fat why !! I ask you

What if you never-ever existed …just thinking about that brings in ecstasy .i can have all the above things until I go bankrupt at least ill be the first one who ill be happy to go bankrupt with a basket full of fries,chicken,shakes,mac-aloo,butter chicken ,rarra chicken in my belly first .

Anyways I am not scared of you even a bit …u’ll be shocked to know how much of the above things are waiting to be in my belly and the future plans I’m having to have much-more of other things to fill in my craving , ill continue to run …Ill continue to sweat ….and yes ill continue to burn you .

With that my first part of *Wish series ends and I’m much pleased that I talked about my first love *food* in it ..nothing could replace you my dear butter..oil..ghee . when I am done with you ill again run to make room for my next meal. #PurposeOfLife

Weekend’s approaching ..What to eat suggest something good 🙂


What about today

What about today …yes thats the question i am asking myself right now …

Who is this person ..why did u went out running in the morning when u dont even like this healthy lifestyle

Why did u meditate for god sake are u in ur senses …a person who cant even stop his mind from flooding with thoughts ….that guy meditate for 20 mins …whats wrong with  u man

The person who doesn’t give a shit about exams, covered over 4 chapters ..WHAT !!!

The person who doesn’t like going to tuition in the evening,went there and like a boss asked questions while over 20 students staring …and not just that but talked to the pretty girl whom i didn’t have the guts to talk for over 2 years

God damm it …today definitely was someone else….

Lastly ,had a great haircut .

So whatsup every human being …

Talking about today,i surprised myself with  all these things .Felt good cause life ain’t about living like a same  person…thinking like a same person…having the same haircut…talking to same people.

But its all the way round …as they say, what we want to achieve is on the other side of the comfort zone .

So started out by running 5 rounds in the near-by park(2 Kms approx)..then i mediated even though i hate sitting and concentrating but i read somewhere that all the answers are in introspection.

i don’t think i am able write properly about today maybe all these emotions are coming in the way ..anyhow i’ll come up with a refined one later …until then enjoy these raw typing straight outta my brain.

now coming back  to that girl part ….i entered tuition and i saw approx. 20-30 pupils sitting and starring at me cause i was late ..

But the seat i occupied was next to the pretty girl !! i asked her *is this occupied* to which she smiled *dead there and then .

Then i told myself this is gonna be awkward if i don’t talk her in the following one hour .

And yes i did talk…initially it was strange cause i couldn’t my emotions and they were getting in the way.

somehow we continued talking until a point where My tuition teacher pointed me out to stay quite *damm u

anyways talking to her made me realize its all about taking the initial step and not letting yourself restricted by saying to oneself that she wont talk you because of various reasons that you have in the head .

Moving on ,looking forward to some more experiences to share with you and want to know ur experiences as well…comment below ..lets talk

Daily Doc 02 : Damm Day 

Time – 12:17 am

A day perfectly designed to test my patience, endurance, anger and God knows what else.

Woke up at around 6. Made a mental note to go for running and come back home at 6:30. Woke up actually at 6:20 and after  much internal fight I was out for running. On my way I met my running nightmare.. Stray dogs Not just a handful of them but the full gang and one of them was making sounds as if calling for more of his homies.

I can’t figure out why these dogs only come in my way.. There’s whole city out there for them to explore but naa they ain’t interested in that.

Got home after 20mins. Even though today’s progress in running was low but still  better than sleeping. #JawlineGoals on the way.
Moving through the day.. My dad gave me this humongous, mountainous, godzillan, trump’s wall… Task of submitting documents in the bank and getting his and mother’s driving license from a local government office.
Task 1 – Submitting Documents

Well I completed this one without much complications

Task 2 –  Getting The Driving license

Trust me… When In India.. In punjab (Bjp Sarkar)… In ludhiana (Pollution, heat)  and u want to get something from a government office… *Tumara Din Wahin Karab

First I parked my activa in the parking outside… Even though a few days back I read about the kind of exploitation the parking lot owners are doing by tearing off the ticket wherein info about the time and rates is written.. I thought of revolting back and be a rebel but I got out of my imagination and walked towards the office.

Luckily I had a *Jugard already in the office yet it took me over 2 hrs. to get license in my hands. *God knows what happens to the ones who believe in walking into government’s office with no Jugard.

Anyways I met with Mr Rajan.. Even though I make a presumption about every government employee that he/she is so full of shit and corruption.. But seeing Mr Rajan I wasn’t quite sure whether I should put him into that category cause he seemed concentrated in his own task rather than sitting idle and sipping tea.

I told him about my situation.. He took his own time but finally made some arrangements and send me over to another building where I was to meet another person then again another pupil and finally got the required license..

Even though words couldn’t  describe the kinda heat inside me when a mere 20 min thing took over 2 hrs. *Fak

(And I took off from my college to see movie but obviously ended up doing these things) *What a day

Choleh  –  Kulche for lunch.

*Big Day Always.

*Day Ruined By Father’s Driving License

*Rihanna 👣👣

Daily Doc 01 : Felt Real Good 

Time        –  1:44 am

Doc Date – 21st Sept

Soo yes yesterday was a good day.. Still can’t believe what is did. I saw a girl near Photostate shop.. I couldn’t recognise her but later I did, we both used to come at the same tuition. She was struggling to get her activa out and she was with her mother.

Now why am I saying I couldn’t believe what I did… Because usually I in these kinda situation I would run away before there’s any awkwardness between us and I was supposed to help her to get her activa out considering she won’t be able to do so…

Well what I did was walked upto her.. Her mother gave me a surprised look … I asked her, U need help… She asked to move the bike which was blocking the way… I moved the bike… She raced her activa.. And thanked me.. Her mother too looked at me and thanked me….

Now this may be a mundane task for anyone but I Noe for me it was a big deal…. Plus Now I have done this there’s no looking back.. There’s only forward looking… And I felt real good after that.. Plus I had a little crush on her a while ago.. So this small encounter was cherry on the cake…
Now the things boils down to this… I won’t  look or say anything to make me look desperate… It’s all about keeping the mind calm… And realising there’s only life either fill it daily with new experiences and new people or the same old shit..
Peace yoo
*The Time She Looked

#She #Her #Crush #Feel #Beat #Fly


It was already 10 pm and I received the final confirmation call about our short trip to beas.

Mr. Gaurav gave me 4:30 am(Saturday) bracket to reach his place then, from there to Mr. Tandon’s place and then finally to beas. We were 5 in total.

So it was 10:30 already and I skipped my evening nap as well (Friday) plus I had breaking bad episode 3 on reminder as well… So all-in-all I was in a pretty crappy situation.

But I choose not to sleep and watch the episode (Walter thing).

The show ended and no matter what I had to sleep or else I won’t be able to wake up at 3:30.

Next thing I noe, I was up  at 3:29 am (swear on, dal makhni). Nk!

So I slept a bit more, then came Mr gaurav’s official call and i didn’t sleep after that.

While I was up I had this weird comparison wherein, I am always late for my morning tuition at 7 am but right now at 3:30 am I am fresh af.

Moving on, I booked ola to reach Mr tandon’s place (That costed over 270 bucks. But considering it was 5 in the morning and I had a comfortable ride in  ertica. So yeah ok ok ((If you have other cheaper options for travelling in morning.. Do comment)))

Fast forward to 7:30 am, we were in beas. Nice pleasant morning. Just in time for Puri. I searched for a spot for all of us to sit. And finally the moment was there.. Nice pleasant morning.. Over 15 Puris in front of me  with Chai and company of ass**** what else.

Belly was full and I had to make room for the next meal so all 5 of us roamed around and reached the satsang ghar where the satsang was about to start. It was 10 pm when It ended. A few things i would like to share from the satsang… So that you all could visit beas through this blog.

*Our mind is the sole power in this world there’s nothing more destructive than this nor innovative. It is upon us how we want to use it.

*Sow good seeds into your brain it will reap good or vis-a-vis.

*It is never the situation which is good or bad but, our mindset towards that situation.

*Our body follows the mind. Convince your brain first then do the rest.
So after that, we all sat down in the shade (The kind of greenery in beas deserves applause).

I was relaxing.. Laid over ground , hands behind head, looking above.. Waiting for some kind of inspiration to strike but I heard Mr. Shivam talking about some massage place.. And gayi bhais pani meh… I totally lost track of any inspiration… So I too joined the much elite topic of massage place and happy ending.

Group of 20 yr olds… Sitting idle.. No phones in pockets to kill time… So we started talking about college, facebook, suvreen chawla, daru, happy endings, russia.

We lost track of time, and it was already 2 pm.. That means time to head for the main-main thing that was *Question and Answers round*. So what is this thing all about.

Well, as explained to me by Mr. gaurav, this involves a total of 20 people (10 Boys 10 Girls) within the age group of 19-23. But how are these selected??  Well, once the satsang is over then everyone who falls in the above category have to deposit a slip and then out of draw 20 people are selected at random *fair enough.

I too had a dream to walk up to the stage and ask a question but the odds were soo against me that I kept my emotions under control and enjoyed other pupils questions.

Some were damm straight khappi, others were inspirational.

A question by one of them

* I have a hairfall problem and cause of that everyone is joking about me.

Answer by guru ji

*Don’t worry about such things aur ab toh ganja hona sexy hai *over 1000 janta laughed altogether

Another question

*Whenever i am doing something I never ever get the desired result moreover I feel I am not capable of doing anything.

Answer by guru ji

*Wherever you do something, do it out of any expectations of good or bad. Moreover everything in this world is difficult if you tell yourself and mind that it is difficult… Take example of changing weather .. You don’t have any control over that.. But still we adapt ourselves to the changing seasons rather complaining about the heat in summers and the rest. So it is upon us whether we want to stay at one place for the rest of lives or make ourselves mentally strong to face different situations.


So after that mind refreshing session we were now free  and without wasting  time we moved towards exiting beas so as to avoid any delay due to traffic jams.
On our way out Mr raja, ishu and me we all were feeling thankful for whatever the God has blessed us with academic wise. *ab bcom Waleh aur kya baat karengey.

In a way we were also criticising the way PU checks papers cause they are also operating on a lucky draw model while checking papers.

*If your name starts from M  then, tumari supli in economics.

*Paper dalo bahar seh magar grace. mat do sabko.
Anyways bullshit continues… And after a while we had dinner at 6:30 pm in havehli *koe naa

Beautiful crowd made it difficult for me to breathe properly.

A few things I want to tell about this place.

I’ve been here when I was very small baccha..

I was innocent…

I had the same 3 friends…

And I really liked the truck inside havehli
But fast forward to now everything took a 360 ° turn but the truck was still there.. Seeing that made me realise how far I’ve come and yet still there. * nostalgic
Dal Makhni – Kadhi Paneer – Shahi Paneer – Butter Nan- Roti

But even if only, I had Dal Makhni and nan I would’ve been more satisfied.

*Just then I realised adjacent to havehli there’s Subway- Macdonalds 24 hr . So if anyone’s interested *karo comment and banano programme.

Mr shivam was the one driving on the way back, returned the toll tax ticket and when I saw the shiv mandir.. I asked for blessing but in a way I was sad cause seeing shiv mandir made me realise that the trip was near its end *Ludhiana reached.
After mandatory goodbyes, I reached home-mom-khana-bath-whatsapp-insta-Tv-Soogayeh 🍻🍻🍻
Hope u enjoyed. It’s Tuesday past midnight and I visited beas last Saturday so yes kudos to my sharp memory.

Any new song u listed to or the movie or new saheli in ur life do share info.

I’ve been listing to lamborghini by Rd madan (Haryanvi song hai… Full tait)

Movie meh tiger aur pink.. Tiger toh dhekni padhi but pink mann seh dheki.. Amazing Movie.. Gave me another prospective to look at girls, made a lot of sense.. Superb work by Mr bachhan.. I don’t think any other actor (except Irfan Khan) would’ve been able to deliver the performance if not him.

Thats it yo yo honey Singh… See you in next……

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